Some of Javier's games

Here are some games that I've played against Grandmasters and International Masters. Please click on the board header to select the game.

Or if you prefer, you can download the .pgn file with the 38 games: Download File 

And here's a selection of 3 clasical games. Please use the arrows only if you want to see the following game:

  • Alartosev-Capablanca, Moscow 1935. A classic game where the Cuban GM seems to be doing very little. But small advantages tend to pile up and this game is no exception.
  • Capablanca-Levenfish, Moscow 1935. Meran variation. What makes this game a little special is the accuracy of white's attack: not even a modern computer could have handled it better!
  • Rubinstein-Hirschbein, Poland 1927. A wonderful attacking game by the "Uncrowned Champion", Akiba Rubinstein. Bb1, forcing the creation of a weakness on f6, followed by Ne4! are classy moves.